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Assassin's Apprentice Title: Assassin's Apprentice

Author: Robin Hobb

Assassins -- Fiction
Series -- Fantasy -- "Farseer"

Source: owned (orginally borrowed from Shawn Orpinela)

Rating: Kept me up until 4:30 a.m. -- a straight-through read

Readings: 10/20/97

Hobb does an excellent job of building a detailed fantasy world. The characters are well-defined and interesting. The plot grabbed onto me in the first chapter and would not let me go. The entire story is told in the first person, with each chapter introduced by an excerpt from a history being written about the events by the main character, Fitz. The entire story is quite involving. The pages are filled with court intrigue, forbidden psychic powers/magic, and the like.

The main character is a pre-pubescent orphan boy. He is raised largely by the King's personal assassin, and is trained to be the same. The Six Duchies where the story is set are roughly equivalent to sixteenth-century western Europe in technology and feel.

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