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17 November 2001 @ 2247 PST

Hello everyone,

Obviously, I have updated the site since December 1999. However, no major updates tonight, except that I noticed that I needed to update my stats on the top page. I was stunned to discover that we will pass 150,000 visitors to this site sometime in January of 2002. I used to get 150-200 visitors a MONTH, and am now getting that each day. The 'net is a strange place....

23 December 1999 @ 16:22 PST

        Hello everyone,

Just some housekeeping updates, except in the fencing section. A whole bunch of new material there. Also, the site is now accessible at Please begin changing your bookmarks and links. Thanks.

12 February 1999 @ 15:11 PST

Hi folks,

Just in time for Valentine's Day, I recieved another contribution for the urban legends page.

11 February 1999 @ 11:29 PST

Hello everyone,

I updated the web site again this morning. Some housekeeping, as usual. Not much else, except this (plus the routine updates, like the Mill Creek gage):

Urban Legends

Added what I call Cockroach Soft Taco Supreme El Grande to the list today.

The entire Society and Culture section of the web has moved, as well, so off site links will need to be redone. There is going to be a continuing stream of these directory shifts in order to deal with a little bug in FrontPage (the web page editor I use). It gets confused sometimes about maintaining the proper case of links (it thinks "A" and "a" are the same thing). So, on the official advice of Microsoft, I cam slowly converting all file and directory names to lower case. This will take some time....

5 February 1999 @ 23:56 PST

Hello everyone,

I updated the web site again this evening. Lots of housekeeping, as usual, plus the following:

New books!

Finally added some! Well, technically, not really. I discovered several pages that I had written but never linked in. So, no one knew about 'em.

Also, this entire section of the site moved into a different directory, so links from off-site will be broken until the search engines catch up.


A brief blurb about corporations that was inspired after hearing Richard Grossman being interviewed recently. Mostly consists of links to another site, but I encourage you to take a peek. Do you think that corporations should have the sam Bill of Rights protections as real people like we do? Did you know that up until about 130 years ago, corporations didn't have these rights? Read on...


We added a new favorite bookstore of ours in Victoria, B.C.

That's all for this time. I have an absolutely enormous pile of books to put up, but that takes time. I'm still trying to eliminate technical problems on the pages that are already up.

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