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Urban Legends

That does it! I have had it with urban myths. I've decided to start posting my findings regarding each one of 'em that I receive.

Please do not send me stuff that you think is urban legend just because you think I might be interested. There are plenty of other people on the Internet who actually collect the stuff. I get enough of them forwarded to me by well-meaning friends already. So, don't send 'em to me for my collection -- it just raises my blood pressure.

I guess this is more of a personal catharsis -- a way to let off steam about the garbage that gets fabricated/embellished, circulated as Gospel truth, and complacently digested by so many people who seem to think, "Well, if it's in print, it must be true!"


So this is my personal bucket of water on the fires of rumor-mongering, starting today with the latest piece that I received (the Janet Reno cultist story).

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