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Title: Borders of Infinity

Author: Lois McMaster Bujold

LOC Call No.: unknown

Notes: Includes the novellas Labyrinth, The Borders of Infinity, and The Mountains of Mourning

Anthology Subjects:
Science Fiction.
Series -- Science Fiction -- Vorkosigan
Anthologies -- Science Fiction
Novella Subjects:
Genetic Engineering -- Fiction (Labyrinth)
Smuggling -- Fiction (Labyrinth)
Prisoners of War -- Fiction (The Borders of Inifinity)
Mystery Stories (The Mountains of Mourning)
Infanticide -- Fiction (The Mountains of Mourning)
Mutation -- Fiction (The Mountains of Mourning)

Source: borrowed from Alan DeWitt

Rating: Excellent.

Readings: Summer 1997

This is an anthology of Bujold novellas, a number of which have been published in other forms either before or since. Here's the details:

Title Comments
Labyrinth [review to come]
The Borders of Infinity In this novella, Miles is 24. He is imprisoned in a Cetagandan prison camp with hundreds of suspected rebels, muck-rakers, and prisoners of war. Conditions are brutal. There is absolutely no contact with the outside, not even with the guards. The prisoners are kept in enormous domes that are impervious to most things short of atomics. Rations and new prisoners are pushed in from the outside. Miles spends his every waking moment scheming as to how to get the prisoners to cooperate for a seemingly possible mass escape or anything else that can somehow preserve some small amount of human dignity. This story haunted me for quite awhile. Excellent.
The Mountains of Mourning Young Miles Vorkosigan is 20 years old and freshly graduated from the Barrayaran Service Academy. He comes home for his furlough with his family. Almost immediately, he is assigned the unpleasant job of being the Voice of his father in a case of infanticide in a remote village. This means he is responsible for determining what actually happened and then pronouncing sentence. What follows is partly a  murder mystery and partly a study in the growth of a young man (Miles). The events that transpire shape Miles' thought for the rest of his life. An excellent story.

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