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Title: The Barn: A Vanishing Landmark in North America

Authors: Eric Arthur (author) and Dudley Witney (photographer)

LOC Call No.: NA8230 .A77

LOC Subjects:
Barns -- Northeastern States.
Barns -- Canada.

Source: owned

Rating: a good book to digest slowly in goodly chunks

Readings: 9/28/96

This was a sale book at the local B. Dalton's--you know, the coffee table books for half-price. It was a good find. The narrative is a thoughtful commentary on the barns illustrated in the book, with reflections on architecture, history, and philosophy. Arthur is a appreciative of barns for their own beauty, aside from their functionality and influence on other forms of architecture. His love of barns comes right through the pages. Witney's photographs and drawings are plentiful (134 color, 278 black-and-white photographs), well-composed, and well-captioned. The fact that this book was first published in 1972 makes it even more worthwhile, as it documents many barns that are now gone. While you can certainly treat this as a coffee table book to flip through occasionally, I read it at bedtime over more than a week.

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