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Title: The Runaway Jury

Author: John Grisham

LOC Call No.: PS3557.R5355 R8

LOC Subjects:
Legal stories

Source: owned

Rating: good characters, good plot -- kept me guessing

Readings: March 1997

All right, all right. I know some of you view Grisham with more than a little disdain. But listen! This was a good read!

Grisham's tale of a widow's lawsuit against a tobacco company for the death of her husband (a smoker) shows us a shadowy world of courtroom intrigue. The reader becomes aware early on that all is not quite normal in this case's jury pool. No less than three different groups (in a two-sided trial) are attempting to influence this jury. The resulting web of lies and conspiracies is immensely complex -- so much so that sometimes the characters involved can't keep track of it all. The only flaw was a somewhat implausible ending.

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