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Ascend Pipeline 75 ISDN Terminal Adapter
Manufacturer's info
(Please note that this is an older model.)
Interested in getting faster Internet access? Try ISDN! This has been an excellent router for me, but I switched to DSL. My gain is your gain, too!  1 $200 obo* You pay, your choice
1 MB SIPPs Got an old computer that uses SIPPs for RAM? Here ya go! 4 FREE! You pay, your choice
Line Conditioner Industrial-strength power line conditioner. No power spikes or dips will get through this thing to your computer. I used this for a couple of years before replacing it with a UPS. I bought it for a song from a store that was going out of business. Weighs about 80 lbs. 1 FREE! You have to pick it up (or pay the shipping)!
Sierra's Phantasmagoria a nightmare of a horror/puzzle game. Seven CDs. This is the prequel to Puzzle of Flesh 1 SOLD You pay, your choice
Delta Tao's Spaceward Ho! for Windows
Manufacturer's info
a great multi-player space strategy game. Compatible with Ho for the Mac 1 $10 obo* You pay, your choice

Interested in any of this? Send some e-mail to (that's me) stating what you're willing to pay, etc. and we'll talk about it. For payment, you send me a check or money order, and then I ship it to you after your check clears OR I ship it to you C.O.D. (cash on delivery) -- your choice. If you're in the Salem area, let me know and we can meet.

* for those of you unfamiliar with American classified ad abbreviations, this means "or best offer".

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