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  • Excite PAL - a simple notification service/program that tells you when users you have identified are online. Allows chatting. Can be used creatively as an Internet paging system.
  • ICQ - Now THIS is a cool service/program. Allows offline messaging indepent of e-mail, online messaging and chatting, automates launching of WebPhone and similar comm packages, and more. My ICQ number is 2736318, in case you're wondering....
  • PlanetAll (note: this service has been swallowed up by another service apparently. if you know anything about this, please let me know) - A very nice service (no software required other than your browser). Create or join groups of people, like your high school or your employer. Allows you to set "sleepers" to alert you when people you're looking for join. Lots of other stuff, too. I am a member of the following groups: Mokelumne River School, Siuslaw High School, Hamar Katedralskolen, Willamette University, Kinko's Copies, Willamette Valley Draft Horse Farmers, Episcopal Diocese of Oregon, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, and Rotary Exchange.

These services allow you to be alerted when people you're interested in are online or doing things near you. It's a good way to keep track of friends and business associates who are distant. Of course, the people you wish to keep track of need to be using the same service you are....

Note that all of these services are extremely privacy conscious.

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