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Team Jensen

Jason Jensen is a friend of mine who died of liver cancer. He was 30 years old and a remarkable person.

Although Jason is gone now, there is something tangible that we can all do to participate in the attack on cancer. 

Visit the web site of an organization called United Devices. This company hosts the "Volunteer Your PC" program that lets any PC owner participate in cancer research conducted by the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oxford. You can actually watch as your computer's unused processing power analyzes molecules that may help fight cancer, or even become a cure.

There is a software program to download and install on your computer (sorry, no Macintosh support yet, folks). Once you have installed the program, there are some options to tweak (if you like) that will control when it runs (e.g. always (which will affect the performance of your PC slightly), just when your screen saver kicks in, or just during certain hours). You do need to have an Internet connection, but it needn't be a full-time connection, as the software will connect when it needs to get more data to crunch. If you have a DSL- or cable modem-class connection, so much the better.

You can also join Team Jensen at the United Devices site. I set up Team Jensen so that all of us can contribute our processing efforts together. The team web site there will track our collective efforts.

I've been running the software for several months now on my own computers and have had no troubles with it. It is well-written, well-documented, and well-supported. I wish I would have thought about this in terms of Jason sooner, but it just occurred to me today (6/29/2001).


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