The Fiction of Kimberly Heggen

bulletHermann Goering speaks in 1946 about the U.S. in 2002 -- an essay by my husband, Mike, about the United States Congress' authorization to use pre-emptive force against Iraq.

The Sentinel (fan fiction for the television series)

Solo work


Justifiable Means {169 KB} -- An unusual murder case brings up unpleasant memories from Blair's childhood, and he becomes instrumental in finding the killer. Rated PG-13 to R for implied violence, mature themes, and disturbing issues.


Strong Enough to Be Your Friend {Total: 309 KB} -- An injury in the line of duty forces Jim and Blair both to make agonizing decisions, and leads them on a journey of grief, betrayal and redemption. In other words, it ain't a comedy, folks. Parts One | Two | Three


Stormy Skies {50 KB} -- Jim and Blair learn a lesson about communication while at a weekend conference.


A Web Like a Spider's Web {17 KB} -- Blair attempts to sort out his feelings about the dissertation fiasco before starting the Academy.


And Time Will Wash Me Clean {104 KB} -- While trying to return his life to normalcy, Jim feels the drive to test himself to the breaking point.


All is Well {11 KB} -- Jim shows his compassionate side.


On the Razor's Edge {11 KB} -- Cypher missing scene

bullet The Space of a Single Breath {207 KB} -- Jim lies stricken with a deadly illness, while Blair realizes to his horror that he's somehow responsible for his friend's condition.
bulletWhite-Knuckle Grip {20 KB} -- A short, rather plotless little piece of Jim-angst involving a might-have-been.

Faux Paws Productions

bullet FPP-502: Hallowed Halls (Co-written w/DawnC) -- Blair has a mishap that badly shakes his confidence during Academy training. Meanwhile, a student at Rainier commits suicide, both because of an apparent depression caused by Blair's 'deceit,' and because of a re-emergence of the drug Golden.
bulletFPP-507: Sentinel Cordon Bleu -- An old, unsolved robbery and a released convict result in Jim and Blair in one of their most unusual undercover assignments...a culinary competition.

FPP-526: Bad Desire -- Jim stands accused of an unspeakable crime; will he and his partner be able to clear his name?

bullet FPP-607: Timor Vita -- Blair is given the opportunity to complete his degree, but the offer comes with several strings attached.

Starsky & Hutch (fan fiction for the television series)

bullet Over the Edge
bullet The Saint
bullet Temple of the Sinai


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1999-2001 by Kimberly Heggen. All rights reserved.
The characters of Jim Ellison, Blair Sandburg, Simon Banks, and the remaining recurring characters that were blatantly lifted from the scenes of the television show The Sentinel are the property of Pet Fly Productions. No ownership of these characters is expressed or implied.
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