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Kim and I are both fans of history, especially 18th and 19th century in what is now the western U.S. Kim gave me a copy of Ken Burns' The Civil War for my birthday a few years ago. As so many people have, we found his film to be profoundly moving. It opened up many areas of interest in an era of history that had previously only been brushed over.

In the summer of 2000, we went out to Willamette Mission State Park to see the annual Civil War reenactment there. This was something we had been meaning to do for several years, but we never quite made it out there. We were almost instantly hooked. At the end of the day, Kim and I both turned to each other and said, "This is too cool. I really want to do this!" We went back the next day and joined Co. B of the 116th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. We've been to virtually every event in Oregon since then.

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