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Have a Coke nostalgia adDoes anyone know where I can find a Coca-Cola® bottling plant (within driving distance of Salem, Oregon, please!) that still sells the 16 ounce contour bottles of the Nectar of the Gods? You know, the ones with the greenish glass and the city stamped on the bottom? None of the bottlers within driving distance sell it this way any more. As my friend John Cavanaugh says, "One can isn't enough, and two cans is too much." I know that there are sixteen-ounce stubby glass bottles, but those aren't the same. And, as a Coke® snob, I prefer the taste of Coke out of a glass bottle to cans or plastic. Grumble, grumble….

Send me some e-mail if you have any help.

The Real Thing® Still Exists!

Daniel Vice writes that the bottling plant near him in South Carolina still makes the 16 ounce green bottles.

So there's hope. Now I just have to get to South Carolina….

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