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The Glatt Barn

Woodburn, OR -- I have photos developed, but not yet scanned, for a barn that I would dearly like to have saved. The barn was razed in 1995. The farm (and barn) remained in one family for three generations, and probably only belonged to one other family previous. The farm was recently sold after the death of the patriarch and has been developed as a sub-division. The barn sat squarely on the intersection of four lots.

It was a 40' x 60' four-bent English barn built in the late 19th century (1865-80?). The structure was still in good shape, although the south bent had some problems. A number of the posts had light powder-post beetle damage. The rafters were peeled logs, as were the joists for the mows. The south mow actually extended past the second bent over the threshing floor, with the edge supported by a good-sized swing beam. The hay rail and some hardware were still in place high above. Siding was board and batten, stained or painted red, with no trim color. A concrete floor was installed years ago, along with a concrete footing. The metal roof had been maintained. The sills were in mediocre shape, having been resting on concrete for years and getting damp. All members were hand-hewn. The siding nails appeared to be handmade. There were mortises inside for two long-gone grain bins. The family said that they remember stories of horses threshing grain on the threshing floor.

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