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I fence classical foil, saber, and epée. Classical fencing differs somewhat from modern fencing, primarily in that electrical scoring equipment is not used. There is also a strong emphasis on delivering the touches in a manner consistent with the idea that fencing is a martial art (not a game of tag). Thus, form is important, as is a keen understanding of the priority of actions (right-of-way).

I fence for recreation only, not competitively. This doesn't mean that I don't enjoy winning a bout, but the joy for me is in fencing to the best of my ability.

This excerpt from the first edition of Foil by Maestro Charles Selberg puts it very well:

Fencing is the epitome of serious playfulness. When you don your fencing mask, you enter a realm entirely separate from the larger world. The intensity of concentration, the creativity, the pouring out of yourself experienced in a fencing bout resembles the seriousness of a child at play. Playing is an attitude, not an activity; it is a freedom and creativity that comes from the courage of complete commitment. There is no calculation in play, only a richness of experience.

-The Nature of Fencing by John M. Watanabe

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