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Depending on who you talk to, it takes a minimum of twelve hours of training to be safe with a foil. And being safe is not the same as being skilled (that comes with lots of practice). So, be prepared to spend some time with it. Recreational fencing is a sport that you can play until well into old age. It will make the journey to old age much more enjoyable and comfortable.

If you happen to attend Willamette University, you can take Introduction to Fencing. The class is taught by Maestro James Ciaramitaro, M.Ed. and several teaching assistants. There are only twelve slots in the class, so if you are thinking about taking the course next semester, sign up for it first thing as it fills quickly.

If you live in Salem, Oregon, the Salem YMCA Fencing Studio offers fencing classes (which I teach), as well open fencing times.

If you are a student at West Salem High School, you can join the fencing club there. Contact me for more info. 

If you live in Portland, Oregon, I recommend you go to the Studio of American Fencing. This is an excellent place to fence and to learn.

Otherwise, try your local university or community college, or look in the Yellow Pages under "Fencing".

Barring that, you might try contacting the US Fencing Association and see if they can refer you to a fencing teacher or club nearby.

Do not try to teach yourself to fence from a book. You will be very frustrated and will probably injure yourself. You will also be a safety hazard to anyone you fence with. It simply is not safe to learn fencing from anyone other than a qualified instructor.

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