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The Short Scoop
I had no problems getting my US West MegaLine installed. Just talk to your Home Office Consultant (listed in the front of the phone book).

The Details

I had a very good experience getting my MegaLine installed.

Activation was $110, and monthly service for 256 kbps RADSL runs $40 on top of your regular phone bill -- it just shows up as a line item. If you only want almost full-time Internet access, you can get their MegaBit Select service for $10 less per month. Same speed, just not a full-time connection.

Caveats: MegaBit services are not available in all areas. You have to be pretty close to the phone company CO and the service has to be available at that central office. You can visit USWest's DSL Availability Page to check on this. If the web site says no, you should still call your home office consultant, as their information is more up to date.

Please note: US West is now Qwest. They have made some very nice changes for DSL. Namely, it is now 640 kbps instead of 256. Additionally, they often run promotions for new subscribers that can save you some serious money.

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