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So far, I haven't had any problems. Not a one.

Okay, a very minor one: remember to install the line filters that USWest sends you on each of your POTS phones. Failure to do so will result in a very staticy POTS connection.

Actually, I had one more problem. Yesterday (1/18/1999), Teleport had a failure at their Salem POP that left us without service for almost 24 hours. Still dunno what the problem was, but I was in the early stages of withdrawals when we got service back....


A few months back, Teleport experienced a major outage that left us without Internet access for three days. That sucked.

Shortly after that, we switched ISPs. has had very few problems, other than the occasional hiccup early on. Our service has actually been getting better and better, especially since they bumped our connection up to 640 kbps at no additional cost.

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